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High End Miele Ironing System Launched Before Christmas

High End Miele Ironing System Launched Before Christmas

The FashionMaster includes a hand iron, an active ironing table and a steamer – all with the Miele trademark German engineering – and its available now from Miele Centres and Miele Chartered Agents at the price of $2199.

According to Miele, ironing time is dramatically reduced because the FashionMaster produces a dry steam output of 100 grams per minute to penetrate thick or dense material, so you don’t need to iron both sides.

The Steam Jet feature means you can steam hanging garments such as jackets, dresses or even curtains quickly and this reduces ironing time as well.

The FashionMaster’s hand iron has a honeycomb soleplate which distributes steam across the whole soleplate, rather than just the top of the iron. You can select either steam pulses or continuous steam delivery. The soleplate is non-stick as well and can iron appliques and sequins with no problem, and it won’t bring up shiny patches on darker items.

The FashionMaster comes in an easy-to-manoeuvre unit which folds up in two actions so you can store it away when you’re not using it. Once it is up, the ironing table can be adjusted to suit the most comfortable working height for each user.  

The Active Ironing Table adds to the ironing results because it has an inflation and suction function. The suction function ensures steam penetration without build-up of condensation while also holding items in place on the table.  The inflation function creates an air cushion between the garment and the table to prevent seam and hem impressions. 

Safety features include CoolDown – it will switch off the steam supply after three minutes of inactivity – and the AutoOff function which turns the whole appliance off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The unit has automatic descaling and rinsing functions which are activated from the first use. An LED indicates when descaling is necessary while the rinse intervals of the steam generator are automatically calculated.