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CES 2016, Now Its Baby + Beauty Tech, But Do We Really Need This

CES 2016, Now Its Baby + Beauty Tech, But Do We Really Need This

The latest addition to CES in Las Vegas  are two new showcases catering for Baby and Beauty Tech none of which are sold at mass consumer electronics stores, but maybe they will in the future.

After last year there was not one buyer who said that they did not struggle to get around what was on offer during the five days of the show.

So what is Baby and Beauty Tech?

According to the Consumer Electronics Association who are raking in millions by adding on new offerings BabyTech covers, sleep monitoring, transportation, safety, and entertainment.

CEA management said “This generation of digitally raised parents expect digital solutions. From Bluetooth-enabled products like pacifiers and bottles to car seats with built-in sensors for temperature; from digital Band-Aid sized thermometers to new ways to monitor baby’s development, BabyTech showcases the benefits of technology to parenting in ways that are practical, purposeful and slightly whimsical.  BabyTech, will be a part of a group including traditional baby product manufacturers and a new group of tech start-ups who are revolutionizing parenting by infusing it with technology assistants”.

As for Beauty Tech, this is a so called showcase of digital innovations to help us look and feel our best. 

Virtual and augmented “magic mirrors,” new spa treatments that rely on tech, skin diagnostics, posture assistants, new eyewear-these are just a few of the new trends in the beauty arena. In the marketplace, old businesses are gaining new revenue by adopting these new innovations and new businesses are springing up to cater to consumers who desire the benefit of technology in their beauty regimes claims CEA management.

WOW! Can’t wait for CES 2016.