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Stan Gazumped By Ezy Flix In Fight Over ‘Better Call Saul’ US TV Series

Stan Gazumped By Ezy Flix In Fight Over

The Ezy Flix.TV rate significantly undercuts the Stan rate of $10 a month or $30 for the 10 episode series.

The Ezy Flix content is available hours after the same show has been made available to Stan and only hours after being screened in the USA.

 The Ezi Flix offer comes after Nine Entertainment spent millions promoting what they claimed was an exclusive on Better Call Saul which is getting “rave” reviews in the USA.

EzyFlix.tv claim that they are  offering the award-winning show at a superior cost to Stan. 

From today EzyFlix.tv is selling a season pass of Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, at just $10 for all 10 episodes over a two-week period and is one of a small number of providers offering avid fans the ability to download upcoming episodes around 24 hours after broadcast. 

Craig White, CEO of Access Digital Entertainment, the company behind EzyFlix.tv, said the $10 promotion coincides with its $100M rival Stan’s launch of the show.  

“To watch the same content on Nine Entertainment Co and Fairfax’s new joint venture, Stan, would cost $30 and take the same amount of time given it’s likely to be shown over 10 weeks. To deliver increased value and access to the hottest content for local consumers, we’re standing up to Stan and providing customers with a more appealing offer,” said Mr White. 

“Our entertainment range of movie content is superior to any other subscription video on demand (SVOD) services available in Australia today with our service having 12 out of 12 of the 2014 top VOD titles available to rent or own on EzyFlix.  Our service also has 2015’s best releases so far including Gone Girl, Fury, The Judge and The Maze Runner.”

When you buy a current season through EzyFlix.tv, it works in a similar way to Foxtel’s ‘series link’ feature as EzyFlix.tv sends customers an email each time a new episode is available to view.  

White said that while the recently launched SVOD services are good news for consumers and are raising awareness of video on demand, EzyFlix.tv is the most differentiated. 

“Unlike Presto, Stan, Quickflix and Netflix to come, our service offers all of the latest and greatest new release movies from every major Hollywood studio to rent (transactional video-on-demand) or buy (download-to-own). This allows customers to download and play back their favourite movies or TV content offline on up to five devices including iOS and Android.”