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50% Of Google Searches Tipped To Be Via Voice By 2020

Google has announced it is further expanding Google Assistant integration into third party devices – e.g. Smart TVs from LG, Sony & Lenovo – a move which commentators tip will further accelerate the use of voice-controlled search queries in the consumer market.

The announcement was made at CES 2018, and included the unveiling of new Android Auto models, which will see Google Assistant integrated in cars by Ford, Volvo and VW.

The news follows increasing uptake by marketing agencies, who have pioneered the integration of Google Assistant into their communications messages. As reported last year, Officeworks unveiled a new innovation which allowed users to peruse its catalogue via Google Assistant.

Matt Ware, head of the agency, ‘First’, which worked on the project informed Mumbrella that the integration was essential for companies who want to stay ahead:

“Already 20% of search on Google is performed via voice and this will grow to over 50% by 2020″

“Companies like Officeworks who adopt this medium early will be well ahead of their competitors in terms of understanding how their customers want to talk with them and what answers to give in return to assist”.

Google states that enhanced voice service features will be rolled out on devices sometime this year.

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