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Kim Dotcom To Take On Skype With MegaChat

Kim Dotcom To Take On Skype With MegaChatMegaChat, which Mega has launched in beta, will be rolled out in stages, with Dotcom describing the service as a “Skype killer”.

As reported by The Guardian, Dotcom has claimed that “no US-based online service provider can be trusted with your data” and that “Skype has no choice. They must provide the US Government with backdoors”.

“We are releasing #MegaChat beta step by step,” Dotcom stated via Twitter. “Starting with video calling today. Text chat & video conferencing will follow soon.”

Aside from a browser, MegaChat does not require any additional software to operate.

Since MegaChat’s launch, Dotcom has claimed it is going viral.

“#Mega has over 15 million registered users now,” Dotcom tweeted. “I think #MegaChat could elevate us to 100+ million users by the end of 2015. #Prediction.”

Mega’s security credentials have been questioned in the past, The Guardian reported, with passwords stolen from the service shortly after its 2013 launch, with Dotcom launching a bounty for security flaws.

“#Mega offers a security bounty again,” Dotcom recently tweeted. “Please report any security flaw to us. We’ll fix it and reward you. Thanks for helping.”