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Former H-P Exec Off To Jug

Former H-P Exec Off To JugHolli Dawn Coulman, 45, joined Hewlett-Packard in 2000
and according to the prosecutor, used the cards to “support an extravagant
and luxurious lifestyle,” treating herself to trips to Hawaii and Europe
and stays at lavish spas and resorts.

Her bill at a golf resort exceeded $43,000. She also spent $100,000 at the La
Costa Resort Spa in California, near where she lived.

She reportedly spent thousands of dollars at the up-market Nordstrom and Neiman
Marcus department stores, and thousands more at the Apple Store.

Coulman also used the company cards to pay off $350,000 worth of her brother’s
business debts.

All told, Coulman is thought to have fleeced H-P for $954,292 over her last
four years at the company.