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Telstra Air Signs Up 100K

Telstra Air Signs Up 100KTelstra Air was launched on June 30. It’s currently
limited to Telstra fixed-line subscribers, who are expected to open access via
their home networks to nearby outsiders.

The telco is considering allowing mobile customers to use Telstra Air in the
future, and may also offer “guest accounts” for a “small

Neil Louis, retail head of Wi-Fi at Telstra, said in a recent blog: “Over
the next five years, our plan is to grow the network to two million Telstra Air
hotpots across the country, and every time a customer signs up to Telstra Air
they create home hotspots with their gateway modems, helping to make the
network even bigger.

“Stay tuned for some exciting council partnership announcements across

CEO Andrew Penn has said the telco plans to invest $500 million in the Air
network over the next two years.