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Store Visits Swayed By Digital

Store Visits Swayed By Digital

In a new report, Navigating the New Digital Divide – Digital Influence in Australian Retail, the company found that digital interactions influenced 40 percent of in-store retail visits in Australia in 2014.

In terms of digitally influenced retail sales, Australia comes in third (40 percent) behind the US (49pc) and Canada (41pc), but ahead of Germany and Netherlands (both 30pc) and the UK (27pc).

Deloitte has also identified a growing digital divide, where consumers’ digital behaviours and retailers’ ability to deliver on those consumer expectations continue to diverge.

It also found that two in three customers use a digital device before their shopping trip and nearly a third (31 percent) use it while shopping, while 47 percent use their device to compare products, 42 percent to access product information and 33 percent to check product availability.