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LG Expands Its Successful Door-In-Door Refrigerator Range

LG Expands Its Successful Door-In-Door Refrigerator Range

LG has done its research and the company quotes a Colmar Brunton research poll done earlier this year which revealed that 17 per cent of Aussies use farmers’ markets or similar as their primary source of vegetables. We have all seen the rise of many local organic markets and often, these bunches of kale or farm-fresh eggs, cost that little bit more. Aussies who shop at farmers markets perceive these products to be fresher and of higher quality. 

In response to these trends, LG’s newest Door-in-Door models have a moisture balance crisper that will keep your fresh food crisper for longer.

“Happily, we’re starting to see more and more Australians prioritise shopping for fresh, local produce,” said LG’s Marketing Manager, Lambro Skropidis.

“Our ongoing work with celebrity chef Matt Moran has made us ever more aware that this is not only an excellent trend for the health of Australians in general, but also a great way to directly support our primary producers,” he added. 

“This is why LG’s new door-in-door refrigerators are designed for Aussies who prefer to buy fresh and direct. They offer a range of features to not only help keep good produce longer, but also cater to the organisational needs of food-lovers and home-cooking aficionados – after all, sometimes a tidy, well-compartmentalised refrigerator can make all the difference in creating those great meals a lot easier,” Skropidis continued. 

As Matt Moran said at the launch of the new models: “It makes perfect sense that those who invest in the source of their ingredients should also invest in keeping those ingredients as fresh as possible with their choice of refrigerator. Which is why I think LG’s latest Door-in-Door refrigerator models are so great – they keep food at the optimal temperatures as well as offering smart organisation and really clever, door-in-door design to reduce cold air loss when the door is opened.  It’s why I have an LG fridge in my own home.”

The reason LG designed the fridges with a door-in-door feature is because the most temperature fluctuations in a fridge usually occur when the refrigerator door is opened.  By using the Door-in-Door feature for commonly-used items, this reduces cold air loss by up to 41 per cent (for model GR-D907SL) compared to opening one normal door.

There’s also an added element of convenience because the Door-in-Door design makes it easier to reach those frequently sought-after food and beverage items.  As well, with the two-door freezer layout, you can have more room to organise your frozen goods.

LG’s Door-In-Door refrigerator models have retractable shelves to fit taller items such as fresh farm milk or fruit juice. If you need more space, you can take out the in-door ice maker to free up some internal space.

The two new Door-In-Door models available now are the GF-5D712SL which retails for $4,849 and has a 712L capacity, plus an ice-maker and water dispenser. The other model is the GF-5D906SL Door-in-Door model which retails for $5,499 and has a 906L, plus an ice-maker and water dispenser.

LG will launch two more Door-in-Door models next year. For more information on LG’s full line-up of Door-in-Door refrigerators go to  www.lg.com/au/door-in-door.