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UPDATED:Dyson And LG Settle Out Of Court Over Misleading Vacuum Sucking Claims

UPDATED:Dyson And LG Settle Out Of Court Over Misleading Vacuum Sucking Claims

In a statement issued by LG Australia this afternoon, the Korean Company who chose not to tell Australian journalists about the fight but did issue a statement to Korean media, said ‘On 12 October 2015, LG Australia initiated proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against Dyson in relation to marketing claims promoting that the Dyson V6 cordless vacuums are “the most powerful cordless vacuums” and that those cleaners have “twice the suction power of any cordless vacuum” on the basis that LG CordZero cordless canister vacuum is in fact more powerful and has twice the suction power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.  

LG Australia and Dyson have settled the matter out of court with Dyson agreeing to remove the claims from advertising material by no later than 7 December 2015. Under the terms Dyson will:
a)            By COB 12 November 2015, remove or mask the claims in stores supply LG CordZero canister vacuums.

b)            By COB 16 November 2015, write to all retailers requesting that they remove the claims from digital marketing material.

c)            By COB 16 November 2015, will stop distributing packaging containing the claims and will over-sticker packaging in Dyson’s Australian warehouses.

d)            By 7 December 2015, remove the claims from other retail stores in Australia.
“LG Australia is delighted with the outcome,” commented an LG spokesperson. “The LG CordZero canister VC is the most powerful cordless vacuum in Australia and of course we are excited to be offering products with such credentials to the everyday Australian consumer. LG continues to drive innovation within the vacuum category, as well as all other product offerings within the Home Appliance range.”

Dyson said ‘It’s good to point out the difference in design of these two vacuums, the LG CordZero is a full size barrel vacuum containing a bulky, heavier motor. This makes it less versatile’. 
They claimed that the Dyson V6 has a small, but powerful Dyson digital motor capable of spinning 110,000 times a minute.
 This makes Dyson stick vacuums light in the hand, easy to use and capable of capturing dust across multiple surfaces. 
The most powerful cordless stick vacuum can clean up at the ceiling, down low at the floor and cleans mattresses and car seats with ease. It’s not limited by unnecessary weight. 
Dyson is updating our advertising message to reflect the fact that the Dyson V6 is the most powerful cordless stick vacuum. We continue to invest on behalf of retailers and consumers who back Australia’s number one selling vacuum cleaner.