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‘Re-Designed’ Sony Xperia Smartphone Specs Leaked

After Sony India’s MD, Kenichiro Hibi, announced that next year’s Xperia smartphones would offer a re-design of current models, recent leaks reveal the new devices will stick with a classic 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of the popular 18:19.

Mobiel Kopen and LetsGoDigital leaked information embedded within Sony’s recent HTML5 tests (used as a benchmark to test browsers compared to other devices) inferring that the new Xperia phones would stick with the classic 16:9.

Mobiel Kopen uncovered thirteen new model numbers from the results of Sony’s HTML5TESTS: the Sony H4113, H4311, H4331, H4133, H4213, H4233, H3321, H3113, H3213, H3123, H3133, H3223 and finally the H3311.

Naturally, this doesn’t infer thirteen different Xperia models (given variations for different countries, SIM variants etc) however market commentators predict Sony may roll out three different models – one with a 1280×720 screen (running Android 7.1.1) and two with 1920×1080 screen sizes (5.2″ and 6.0″ respectively).

2018 Sony Xperia Specs – [Source: LetsGoDigital]

[Source: Mobiel Kopen]

Consensus is, Sony’s ‘H’ model phones will be part of its 2018 lineup – (2017 models carry the code ‘G’).

The new smartphones are tipped to be successors to Sony’s Xperia XA1 , Xperia XA1 Ultra and Xperia L1.

[Sony Xperia XA1]

Latest rumours predict the new devices will feature an ‘Omnibalance’ design – replacing the current ‘Mirai’ design – whilst also including a new chipset for FullHD models.

Some commentators hoped the Xperia re-designed would produce a bezel-less design, however, as the model number for Sony’s upcoming flagship phone is still unknown, the possibility of more significant re-design remains.

Last week, LetsGoDigital discovered Sony’s new trademark for its ‘Dynamic Vibration System’, however, its unclear which new Xperia models will feature the new optical image stabilisation tech.

Commentators speculate Sony will reveal its 2018 lineup around February next year, just before Mobile World Congress. The company is also tipped to release a second series of Xperia smartphones before IFA 2018 in September.

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