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Big TV Brands + Fetch TV To Switch On Netflix Tonight

Big TV Brands + Fetch TV To Switch On Netflix Tonight

Users can also access the new streaming service via a Fetch
TV set top box.

According to Scot Lorson the CEO of Fetch TV all a user has
to do is go to the Netflix site, register and then log into the service on a
Fetch TV box using a username and password.

Existing Fetch TV customers can log in via the Fetch TV app
page pay using a credit card and then access Netflix. User profiles will be
kept in memory so that users do not have to constantly log into Netflix. 

Panasonic has said that their entire Viera range of Smart
TVs will be Netflix-capable tomorrow March 24th.

Richard Tassone, Director, Panasonic Consumer Electronics
Group, said: “From 24 March, Netflix functionality will be available on
compatible VIERA Smart TVs connected to the internet.”

Netflix will also be supported by current selected Panasonic
Blu-ray products and via Panasonic’s upcoming 2015 range of VIERA Smart TVs,
Smart Blu-ray players and recorders.

Richard Tassone added: “Access to internet content is
becoming increasingly important to our consumers. According to recent research,
1 in 8 Australian households have a Smart TV, which is almost a sixfold increase
over the last four years.”

“We believe the introduction of services like Netflix will
help to increase Smart TV penetration and connectivity in the home. Panasonic
is continually driving innovation within the Smart TV and Blu-ray space so
users can enjoy the content they want when they want it.”