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100″ Pro Sony TV Now Available For Home Installation

Are you looking for a 100″ 4K or 8K Pro TV display from a top end brand?

Sony is one of the few brands who are now delivering a 100 Pro TV for the home, but you will need a custom installer to bolt this together properly to get optimum viewing.

Sony who are already delivering 4K and 8K LED, OLED, and Native 4K Projection SXRD technology are now making their Sony FW100BZ40J display panel available for consumers who want the ultimate pro panel in their home.

This display is big with a physical panel size of 2260mm wide and 1297mm high and it comes in at over 90 kilo which is why you need a custom installer.

The BZ40J delivers Full Array Local Dimming LED plus Sony New XR Cognitive processor that is found in their top end consumer TV’s.

This high-performance panel has Android TV built and if you want free to air all you need to do is add the new Foxtel iQ5 box.

With a peak brightness output of 940 (Cd/m2), this panel is perfect for modern open plan spaces with an abundance of windows (unlike projectors that require a controlled environment).

The 100BZ40J is also equipped with Sony’s top end PRO feature set, for better business and commercial applications control.

In the past these features are not generally be used in a residential environment however the TV is covered by a full 3-year Pro warranty support and for those who do want to hook it up for the ultimate Teams call all the gear is there to deliver the ultimate conference call.

The distributor for this new top end panel Melbourne based Audio Active said “Although large enough for a small home theatre, we still believe Sony’s range of Home Cinema projectors delivers the best native 4K Theatre experience. The BZ100” is well suited for daily viewing and those that prefer a TV over a projector and we’re confident that all sports lovers will find this TV will put them right in the action with an immersive form factor.

Priced at $24,999 RRP, this TV delivers the ultimate viewing experience and if you like to binge watch this TV is built to be on 24 hours a day in a commercial environment which is what it’s designed for.

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