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Denon’s Affordable But Formidable AV Receiver


Enter the very latest AVR-X520BT which priced at just $599
will give aspiring home theatre novices much more than they’d normally expect
to get at this entry level price.


The new receiver gets a lot of the features and technology
Denon developed for its X Series AV models. It is a genuine 5.2 channel full 4K
Ultra HD Receiver with stonking sound and a ton of features.


Onboard are wireless Bluetooth streaming, a unique Bluetooth
App control that gives any Android or iOS Bluetooth device command of the
receivers features and programs. There are also full HDCP 2.2 inputs for the
most up to date HDMI equipped 4K Ultra HD components.


The new Denon has five HDMI inputs. Three of these support
HDCP 2.2/4k60p which is ample to connect to the best games consoles and other
modern HDMI devices.


The new receiver also supports full rate 4k Ultra HD and
4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling pass-through along with 3D compatibility on all
HDMI inputs.


Power is rated at a hefty 130 watts for each of the
receivers five channels. Wired and fired, the AVR-X520BT performs way beyond
what the price suggests.


For more info: au.denon.com/