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More People Buying LCD TV’s Over Pricey 4K UHD TV’s

More People Buying LCD TV

According to manufacturers in Asia, shipments of LCD panels to Australia increase 9% on year in May, during the same period swhipments of Ultra HD panels fell 2%.

Globally LCD TV panel shipments in May totaled 22.72 million, up 4% on month and up 9% on year.

 Ultra HD (4K) TV panel shipments meanwhile had a 2% monthly decline from 3.1 million in April to three million in May, which also represented a drop in penetration from 14.4% to 13.6%.

Among the major 4K panel makers, Samsung and LG Electronics saw increases in their 4K panel shipments.

Globally Samsung 4K shipments grew from 35% to 43% in April and another 6% in May.
Shipments weakened for LG Display globall by contrast. In Australia LG market share of both Ultra High Definition and LCD TV’s has grown this year. 

The most demanded size for 4K TV panels in May was still 55-inch units. This size category saw its share in the 4K panel market increased from 29% in April to 31% in May. Both the 49- and 50-inch 4K TV panel market shares fell from 15% and 14% in April to 12% and 11.4% in May respectively.

The penetration rate of 4K TV panels is estimated to be at 17% in 2015, a significant increase from 2014.