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Yamaha’s New Sound Bar: Better Audio, Wireless And Elegant


In addition to delivering Yamaha’s famous multi-channel surround sound, its newly redesigned YAS-203 sound bar marries the convenience of wireless music streaming and app control with full-bodied performance thanks to the included wireless subwoofer. 

Bluetooth is now built-in as standard for effortless connectivity to smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth enabled PCs, Macs and media players and it has the latest aptX audio coding for superior wireless sound. 

Theres also Yamahas free HT Controller app for iOS and Android that converts these portable devices into next-generation remote controls with a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and setting modifications.

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Damien Henderson, Yamaha Music Australia’s AV product manager said: “The Sound Bar has always been an attractive solution for discreetly introducing audio into the home. Bluetooth connectivity adds another level to this by enabling effortless, wireless music streaming from across the room.” 

The new YAS-203 has had a major redesigned over its predecessor, the YAS-201, with a wall-mountable form that Yamaha says “exudes a minimalist quality with its low-profile bar and wireless subwoofer that can be hidden away from view.”

The Company says its new model also “takes advantage of its high-volume cabinet to produce powerful, clear sound, and incorporates Yamaha’s patented Advanced Bass Extension processing to deliver a surprising amount of bass for its size.” 

When compared to other Sound Bars currently on the market, this added size and power sets the YAS-203 apart, with Yamaha claiming it “dwarfs the sound produced by thinner bars.”

But wait – there’s more. Rather than just amplify sources in stereo, Yamaha uses its “Air Surround Xtreme” technology to deliver “encompassing surround sound with a clear delineation between 7 channels for exhilarating movie performance.”

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Even better, the YAS-203 is capable of ‘learning’ the TV remote control’s signals, simplifying setup and allowing the Sound Bar to turn on/off and adjust its volume using the third-party remote control. 

It is easily positioned in front of the television without obscuring the view, while a built-in IR repeater ensures the signals from the TV remote control passes through the YAS-203 to the television. 

Available now with an RRP of $499 and a 2 year, factory-backed warranty, the Yamaha YAS-203 is available in Black or White.  

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