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Zowie And BenQ Pad Out Lineup With New Mousemat

BenQ’s have continued to grow their sub-brand Zowie, announcing a new mousemat to go with the company’s latest gaming mice and keyboards.

Available from today through authorized BenQ resellers, the company says that “The ZOWIE G-SR SE is our answer to all who have asked for the feeling of the old G-SR blue mousepad. We are aware that even though the G-SR black has the same surface, players can feel a difference in texture due to the lack of a printed surface.”

“Our new G-SR SE has a printed design, which gives it have the exact same feeling as the old ZOWIE G-SR Blue, offering players an alternative design to our traditional black G-SR series mousepad.”

It’s available at an RRP of $49 and more than a worthy match for the company’s recent eSports keyboard, the Celeritas II.

In SmartHouse’s review of the keyboard, they said “If you squint there’s not a huge gap between the black-and-neon color scheme here and what you find in other gaming or eSports brands.”

“However, on a performance and durability level, it stands out from the crowd in a big way. I just wish the aesthetics of the product aspired a little harder to convey the same quality. Still, if you’re looking at a gaming keyboard. The Celeritas II is a great option.”