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LG ‘RoboKings’ Clean Up..Without You

LG The premium cordless vacuum cleaners boast smart features such as PowerPack, Smart Inverter Motor and RoboSense, 

LG say its CordZero lineup will change the way users approach vacuuming with its RoboSense technology that “watches” the user and automatically follows at a constant distance using motorized wheels. It is definitely the best and coolest feature on the new vacuums. 

LG’s CordZero, is a new cordless canister vacuum cleaner, where you can clean freely from room to room without any tangling and reduces cleaning time. 

It has an built-in lithium-ion battery PowerPack providing 200 watts of suction power and continuous cleaning for up to 40 minutes, in regular mode. 

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Under CordZero’s bonnet is LG’s Smart Inverter Motor for superior performance and efficiency, which comes with a 10-year warranty. The cordless cleaning device is also equipped with KOMPRESSOR technology, a motorized dust compression system that sucks up dust and debris and compresses it in the bagless bin. 

The new CordZero 2 in 1 has long lasting suction power thanks to a Dual PowerPack, Smart Inverter Motor and Anti-TangleBrush. 

The Dual PowerPack provides a running time of up to 60 minutes in Regular Mode and up to 40 minutes in Power Mode with its replaceable lithium-ion dual battery pack. Dual functionality means customers can use it as a stick-type cleaner with a full length handle or as a more portable hand-held unit. 

Its got a slim design, easy 180 degree swivel head and built-in crevice and brush tool.

Hip to be SQUARE

LG’s most popular vacuum model, ROBOKIN SQUARE has revolutionized cleaning with Upgraded Dual Eye 2.0 camera sensors accurately scan and map floor surfaces, even in the dark. Its also super smart. 

ROBOKING Learning Function  can remember areas it has previously cleaned and with a low noise level of only 60dBA, so cleans quietly.

It has longer brushes, low 89mm height and improved sensors leave dust with few places to hide. 

“CordZero is a game changer and will play a significant role in making LG a leading premium vacuum cleaner brand around the world,” said Seong-jin Jo, CEO of the LG Home Appliance.

“The CordZero collection is the result of over 10 years of innovation and commitment to creating a new breed of products that redefine convenience, ultimately allowing consumers to live smarter lives.”