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YouTube Great for Teen’s Mental Health, CEO Confirms

YouTube is better for teens mental health in comparison to photo-sharing app Instagram which can be detrimental towards teenage girls.

YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki said the video platform owned by Google was beneficial to an adolescent’s mental health.

“We certainly do see for a lot of really tough issues that YouTube can be a really valuable resource,” Wojcicki told Bloomberg Television.

“So, body positivity, mental health, we see a lot of creators talk about mental health and that, for a lot of kids, really it destigmatises, and enables people to talk about what’s happening and what’s going on with them.

“So, we do take it very seriously.”

Her response comes after the Wall Street Journal reported a story on Instagram, alleging that the site owned by Facebook Inc was harmful for the mental health of some teenage girls and that no steps were taken by the company to address the problem.

The company has since responded and on Monday, Facebook said that it was stopping work on an Instagram site dedicated to children under the age of 13.

In the past, YouTube has faced repeated controversies surrounding its content moderation and its app for kids.

It paid $170 million to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney General in 2019 for violating the privacy of children without parents’ consent by allegedly tracking them on the web.


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