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Yamaha’s New Soundbar Is Small On Space, Big On Sound

Yamaha has announced the SR-C30A, a compact sound bar engineered to provide users with cinematic and immersive audio in a small space.

Designed to meet a number of different use cases, Yamaha’s new sound bar caters to unconventional placement options, whilst also adopting the company’s philosophy of True Sound.

The new model is a re-engineered follow up from the company’s award-winning SR-C20A, now featuring a compact wireless subwoofer for rich bass response, alongside a pair of 4.2cm drivers. Combining a careful fusion of acoustic and electric technologies, the SR-C30A sports four sound modes that each cater to different listening, with Standard, Stereo, 3D Movie and Game.

Yamaha’s Adaptive Low Volume technology ensures that audio fidelity remains high even at low volumes, adjusting frequencies to ensure equally balanced sounds.

The Japanese audio giant has also fitted their new compact sound bar with it’s Clear Voice technology, improving the clarity and crispness of dialogue, even in environments where it is usually lost under other sounds.

The SR-C30A is 30% more narrow and 40% smaller overall than Yamaha’s full sized sound bars, with a width of 60cm, a height of 6.4cm and a depth of 9.4cm. The accompanying wireless subwoofer has also been designed to save space, with a 33.5cm width, 16cm height and 36.4cm depth, making it easy to setup and fit anywhere.

The Yamaha SR-C30A will cost $399, with stock due to arrive for early October.

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