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Yamaha Introduces New Soundbar & Subwoofer

Yamaha have announced the brand new SR-B40A soundbar with wireless subwoofer will be released on July 20th at 9:00AM, enhancing immersive sonic experience of entertainment.

Bringing forward the advanced True Sound┬áprinciple, this soundbar exemplifies extraordinarily natural and realistic reproduction of stereo soundscapes. It’s compatible with the Dolby Atmos three dimensional audio format and contains precision crafted speaker units, with enhancements to the Clear Voice and Bass Extension features.

The Clear Voice technology has a new approach discerning speech in more languages without disturbing other audio content.

The Bass Extension feature has also been enhanced to provide greater ease in adjusting bass frequencies.

There are four newly updated sound modes allowing the user to select the best sound field reproduction depending on content, with rich low-frequency response to the included wireless subwoofer, with greater power and prescence.

With a built in HDMI terminal supporting eARC and CEC implementations allowing TV connection and control with one single cable, along with a Tone Control function coming included. The extension control features is a free dedicated app compatible through smartphones.

Exceptionally convenient, easy to use, providing profound listening experiences and superior sonic reproduction, with enhanced functionality.

It can also transform an ordinary room into an entertainment space through precision-crafted speakers and advanced high quality audio reproduction technology.

The wireless subwoofer of 100W output, enhancing bass reproduction for greater sound, and recreating the spaciousness of the content. Because it’s wireless, it can be installed in any location, facing forward or sideways.

See the features at a glance down below:

– Dolby Atmos
– Wireless subwoofer
– Tone Control
– HDMI eARC, BlueTooth and optical dialogue
– Upgraded Clear Voice function
– Bass Extension
– Remote Controller and Soundbar Remote app
– RRP: $649.00
– Available on July 20th

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