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Small Cap! Large Latte! DeLonghi Lean, Mean Coffee Machine

Small Cap! Large Latte! DeLonghi Lean, Mean Coffee Machine

The suave coffee maker which is a godsend if you love cappuccinos, costs $1699. 
Unveiled by DeLonghi in Sydney today, this impressive looking machine will make anything from cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, Espresso Macchiatos or just plain blacks. 

Eletta has 13 burr grind settings and you can choose short, medium or long coffee and the cup strength. 

MY MILK also personalises your preferred type whether its extra mild aroma, extra frothy or extra hot milk. 

It has the “LatteCrema” Instant Frothing Device system that mimics cafe style foam, which will soon be rolled out to all new DeLongi’s machines. 

The cappuccino out of this machine is particularly cool and has three layers when you drink it from a glass – creamy on top, liquid in the middle and dark at the bottom.  And no wonder. Eletta has DeLongi’s  patented Automatic Cappuccino System. 

It’s really the lazy persons coffee machine, you don’t have to ponder about measurements or exactly how much beans or ground coffee to put in – Eletta does both types, and chooses the right quantity. 

All you do is press the button control panel. 

It’s also got a Long Coffee button, if milky coffee isn’t your thing and prepares two cups of coffee with a single brewing. It holds 400g of coffee beans.

It also has a decaffeinated setting if a buzzy coffee isn’t your desire. 

Eletta has a good memory and remembers nine coffees styles (4 milky coffees and five black options) – whether its an extra strong flat white with extra frothy milk or an Espresso Macchiato with extra hot milk.  

Its also got an automatic cleaning function.

Investing in Eleta although not cheap, works out at 30 cents per cup based on DeLonghi coffee beans and the average price of milk, say its maker. 

Other cool extras found on the Eletta include the Cup warmer and hot water spout.