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‘Breakthrough’ Panasonic WiFi-Ready Home Phone

Panasonic KX-PRW120 sleek cordless home phone lets you take calls from your mobile, tablets. 

The compact KX-PRW120 (RRP $169), has a ‘smartphone connect’ feature that enables users to make/receive landline calls via their mobile or tablet devices – iOS or Android. 
Up to four devices can be registered via Wi-Fi to the phone’s base unit. It also has a horizontal lay-down style handset, hook-like charger with a magnetic adaptor. Smartphones and tablets connected to the home phone can enable functions such as an intercom mode, call transfer, and three-party conference calls.

The sleek black and silver premium phones from the Premium Design Range have just been announced by Pana Australia. 

The other new model, the slightly cheaper (RRP $99) ‘fashion-forward’ KX-PRS120, has caller ID and the ability to forward voicemail messages via SMS. The cordless phone is designed to stand up in its cradle for an easier hands-free conversation. Both models have a sleek black and silver design. 
The new Premium Design Range is a breakthrough in home telephony, giving users the ability to use their own iPhone or Android device at home through Wi-Fi, says Nicolas Cauzac, Home Communications, Panasonic Australia.
These new cordless phones can also be used as baby monitors, with the unit in a child’s room calling automatically to a handset in another room if a noise such as a baby crying is detected.Other features include reducing background noise and adjusting voice pitch. 
KX-PRW120        RRP: $169.95                      Available mid October 2013
KX-PRS120          RRP: $99.95                         Available mid October 2013
KX-TGA20            RRP: TBC                              Available December 2013