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Moto 360 Android Watch Arriving Sept 4

Moto 360 Android Watch Arriving Sept 4

Motorola’s long awaited Moto 360 watch with round face is finally going to be officially launched on September the 4th in Chicago. 

The launch will come a day after Samsung’s three-city launch of the Galaxy Note 4, and five days before Apple unveils two new iPhone 6 models and the expected iTime/iWatch on September the 9th. 

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Clearly, September is smart device launch month, with everyone wanting their products to be ready and waiting in retail stores for the hordes of expectant customers all wanting the latest and greatest. 

The news comes via Engadget, one of the publications invited to the event in Chicago, who notes that a new Moto G and Moto X+1 Android smartphones are also expected to be launched, as is a new Motorola Bluetooth headset.  

Motorola invites the press to “choose your own adventure” in its invitation, so clearly the company hopes to make a memorable splash – something it will need to do in the face of Samsung’s attempts to crash or crash through the wall of Apple coverage that will itself come crashing down from September 9 onwards. 

As usual, dates for international launches go forward by a day for Australians and our different time zone. 

More information on Moto’s new products and its highly anticipated round Moto 360 watch when we get it – “watch” this space for “timely” updates. 

And with that, “it’s time” this article ended, thanks for taking the time to read it!