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X’s New ‘Articles’ Available To Premium Plus Subscribers

Elon Musk’s X now allows users to create long form articles with the launch of its new ‘Articles’ feature, providing writers with more possibilities to share content with their followers.

Announced in a post on X on March 7, ‘Articles’ is available to Premium+ subscribers at around A$24 a month. It is also available to verified organisations.

Currently the ‘Articles’ editor has a variety of basic text formatting options like bold, italic, strikethrough, bullet point and numbered lists, and allows users to embed articles and videos.

Once published, ‘Articles’ will appear in a new tab on the users profile and in their followers’ timeline, just as regular X posts do. Content will be more more easily distinguishable because of the feature’s new icon and layout options.

Articles behave like normal X posts, whereby followers can reply, repost, and like any post.

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