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Its Extreeeme: Navig8r Full HD Sports Cam

The High Definition “go anywhere” sports cams are rugged, portable and come in four versions 

Navig8r Sports Camera Mini version $69.95, has a a handle bar and helmet mount to put on a bike, although no HD recording. 
Sports Cam 720 for $99.95, has High Definition (720p) recording with 5 mega pixel still res, good for outdoor activities, mountain bike riding, water sports 
The Navig8r Sports Cam 1080 (pictured) with 2.4″ LCD touch screen has Full High Definition (1080p) recording for “lifelike images”, is good for extreme action sports.  

It comes with wireless remote control and 8 essential mounts.

There’s also also a PRO cam the “big daddy” of extreme sports cameras featuring Full HD up to 60fps, so more detail for slow motion playback, sharper freeze frames and blur free playback. 
It retails for $299.95.  
The big daddy has a removable LCD screen, wireless remote, additional battery pack, a waterproof housing rated to 100 metres (great for divers) and 9 premium accessories. 

Unique to the Navig8r PRO is the built-in laser pointer for greater accuracy.