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Hello Gen Y: Microsoft Tabs Giveaway $219

Microsoft’s Surface RT (32 GB) will sell for a low-priced A$219 – slashing $330 of the recommended retail price of $559, to students in schools, universities, it announced on a local blog. 

Surface RT (32 GB) with touch keyboard cover will sell for A$279 ($400 off RRP) to education institutions, while Surface RT with type keyboard cover, which turns it into a fully fledged laptop is reduced to A$319. 
Last week, Microsoft’s global education boss first announced the move to make the Windows 8 tabs available to students and teachers in educational institutions.
The Windows RT tablet, runs ARM chip (as opposed to Surface Pro models with Intel Core i5) and works off Windows RT operating system – a variant of Microsoft Windows 8. 

Sales of RT have been less than stellar, but analayst have high hopes for Surface Pro and predict a spike in Microsoft tablet share by 2017. Analysts IDC forecast over 200 percent growth for Windows-based tablets in 2013.
All prices include GST and are “for a limited time” to August 31, Tina Flammer Windows Lead, Microsoft Australia said in a blog. “I regularly speak to educators and students and there are a couple of key things they love about Windows 8,” wrote  Flammer.
She also pushed the strengths of Microsoft-made tablets, including an’ “ability to integrate Windows devices into existing IT environments” “benefits around ease and cost of management” and the “sheer choice and diversity of devices.” 
“These great benefits, together with the Surface RT offer, is part of a holistic view of education at Microsoft — through programs such as Partners in Learning, our partnerships and our innovative products.”

To purchase the Surface RT device, educational institutions should download the offer brochure and order form. 
Completed order forms and any questions should be sent through to [email protected]
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