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Xbox Showcase To Give First Look At Bethesda Under Microsoft

Microsoft will hold a games showcase for Xbox and newly-acquired game studio Bethesda next month.

The showcase will be the first look at the direction Microsoft plans to take Bethesda, developer of popular franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, after acquiring its parent company ZeniMax Media earlier this year.

According to Aaron Greenberg, General Manager, Xbox Games Marketing, the event will feature games from Bethesda as well as Xbox Game Studios and its other partners.

“We know you’re going to want a front-row seat to the Xbox & Bethesda Games showcase – a 90-minute show packed with everything you want to know about the epic gaming lineup coming out of this partnership, the incredible games coming to Xbox this holiday, upcoming releases on Xbox Game Pass, and more,” he said.

The event is widely expected to include a look at Starfield, a Bethesda title announced in 2018 about which little has been revealed to date.

Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media for US$7.5 billion in March, in a strategic move which will likely give Xbox and PC the first bite of the cherry – if not exclusive access – for future Bethesda titles in the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and other franchises; Starfield may itself be an Xbox and/or PC exclusive.

The showcase will stream live on Sunday June 13 at 10am Pacific time (3am Monday June 14, Sydney time).

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