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Xbox Series S Consoles In Stock At JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi has stock available for the Xbox Series S console, which has been difficult to find ever since its launch last year.

The all-digital Series S is currently listed as in stock and for sale on JB Hi-Fi’s website for $499; there is no available stock listed for its larger disc-equipped counterpart, the Series X, or the rival PlayStation 5 in either disc or digital edition.

November’s release of the Series X and S, along with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition, were plagued with stock shortage issues as scalpers and bots flooded online storefronts to buy up limited supplies of the consoles, which were then sold on eBay at wildly inflated prices.

In a call last year, Microsoft CFO Tim Stuart said the shortages of Xbox Series X and S hardware were expected to last until at least April 2021.

Microsoft has hailed the Xbox Series X and Series S release as the biggest console launch in its history, with more new consoles sold than any prior generation.

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