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Xbox Opens Next-Gen Accessories For Pre-Order

The Xbox accessories line-up for the new Series X and Series S next-gen consoles, including three colours of wireless controller and a rechargeable battery pack, is now available for pre-order.

Set to release on November 10 alongside the new consoles, the wireless controllers will be available in white, black, and a new “Shock Blue” colour scheme that, according to Navin Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, Xbox, has never been seen on any previous Xbox controllers.

“The striking blue top case is accented by the bold, black hybrid D-pad and ABXY buttons and softened by the crisp, white back case for an eye-catching look. Just like the new Xbox Wireless controllers in Carbon Black and Robot White, our new Shock Blue is optimized for next-gen game play,” he said.

For PC gamers, the controllers will be available in bundles that include either a USB-C cable or a more expensive wireless receiver option; the controllers will also connect through Bluetooth.

“With these updated bundles, you get the same controller refinements that you’ll find with all the new Xbox Wireless Controllers, so you can elevate your game no matter how and where you choose to play,” said Kumar.

Also releasing is a rechargeable controller battery pack that Microsoft says can fully charge in four hours via the included USB-C cable, whether the controller is being used or not.

The black and white controller options, as well as the USB-C cable bundle, are open for pre-order in Australia at $89.95 each, while the Shock Blue controller sits at $94.95 and the wireless receiver bundle at $109.95. The battery pack can be pre-ordered for $29.95.

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