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Sony NFC Noise Blockers $279

Sony NFC Noise Blockers $279 Sony’s new wireless, Bluetooth ready headphones go on sale next month for $279.

The MDR-ZX750BN headphones have Near-Field Communications (NFC) that stream music from a compatible device to your head gear by tapping them together.
They also have Digital Noise Cancelling technology free music from low frequency noises. By using a pair of microphones to pick up surrounding ambient sounds and cancelling it with an “Anti-Noise” sound wave, you only listen to music and no annoying outside interference. 
Other features include: 40mm dynamic driver unit delivers high quality, powerful sound, Digital Equalizer and Beat Response Control for excellent mid-range vocals and deep bass. 
They have a charging time of 2.5 hours via USB. 
The MDR-ZX750BN have a handy swivel folding style for storing in bags, and pressure relieving earpads.