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Pure Connect Is The Sound System That Can Do It All

“Some day, we’ll wonder why we ever had to physically connect devices.” That was said by Pure’s Managing Director, Graeme Redmond, and it’s with the same tenacity the folks at Pure have approached their latest offering, infusing it with a vast variety of wireless technologies.

The Sensia 200D Connect and has a lengthy feature set, so we suggest you take a deep breath first. 

It can stream wireless on-demand content and radio, will replay music streamed from a home computer and will record music onto a USB thumb drive. At your instruction it will ‘Tag’ tracks played on the radio, present their biography and provide you with the option to add it to your personal music collection by buying it.

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Google and Apple devices can stream music and radio wirelessly to the 200D, while social network aficionados can view Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, RSS feeds, weather reports and Picasa pics on the vibrant 7 inch touchscreen. For a small orb like system, that’s quite the feature set.

“Pure Stream delivers similar convenience when playing from a Smartphone to compatible Pure wireless music and radio systems” continued Pure MD Redmond. “Pure Stream is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pure’s vision for the digital home.”

Music is replayed over 30W speakers, is enhanced by a suite of custom Pure software and between the two, will deliver ‘completely immersive, room-filling sound.’

Other features include an input for an iPod/MP3 player; two fully featured alarms; countdown timer; sleep timer and a headphone socket. Add the optional rechargeable Pure F1 ChargePAK to listen to internet content anywhere within range of the Wi-Fi network or to digital and FM radio when further afield.

This action-packed system will go on sale from August 12th for $599.