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iWorld To Distribute ID8-Mobile Accessories

iWorld To Distribute ID8-Mobile Accessories

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The new MogoTalk Case and Headset for the iPhone

iWorld Australia and ID8-Mobile will provide consumers with Smart Accessories for Smartphone’s, netbooks, laptops and tablets that deliver ultimate all-in-one convenience for the busy, mobile lifestyle.

The MoGo Talk line of products, a Bluetooth Headset and Case System that offers communication convenience and Smartphone protection, will soon be available at key consumer electronic retailers and mobile operators in Australia and New Zealand.

iWorld Australia’s Director, Chad DeClase said, “The iWorld Australia team is excited to partner with ID8-Mobile to provide products that accommodate the growing segment of Apple product users. Today, consumers across the globe are looking for convenient solutions to help them take advantage of their mobile device and make their mobile life simple. The MoGo family of products have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customer base. We look forward to extending new and exciting Smart Accessories in the marketplace across Australia and New Zealand.”

ID8-Mobile’s CEO, Stuart Nixdorff said, “ID8-Mobile is providing consumers with products that directly respond to their lifestyle needs and provide ultimate convenience for the mobile user. Our exclusive partnership with iWorld Australia will allow us to reach consumers in Australia and New Zealand with the right products, at the right retail locations. We look forward to leading the Smart Accessories marketplace with the help of our exceptional partner.”

ID8-Mobile has created ground breaking Smart Accessories like the MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 3G+3GS and will soon announce new innovations for additional Smartphones.