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Roku Expands Digital Signage Line-Up

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The new product line-up comprises an aggressively priced standalone player handling looping HD video and playlists; two new models adding basic or advanced interactivity; and two players with simple or advanced networking for remote content delivery and reporting.

All the new models are half the size of current BrightSign players and are easy to integrate into applications.

The company’s founder and CEO, Anthony Wood said, “By creating a product line of five new BrightSign models, we’ve taken our products to a new level. Rather than offering fully loaded models with features that may not be necessary for all applications, we’ve packaged each model with specific software and hardware capabilities that we’ve found are most popular to the wide range of digital signage applications out there.”

“Now you only pay for what you need and save money in the process.” concluded Wood

The new BrightSign HD110 provides a compact suite of features allowing basic looping video presentations – either in full-screen mode, or using zones to place multiple content windows, including video, still images and text tickers, on a single screen. Content is defined through playlists and updated by inserting new content into the player’s SD card slot.

The BrightSign HD410 and HD810 models enable more engaging signage and kiosk functionality by the addition of interactivity and control along with the zone and playlist functions of the HD110. The HD410 provides button interaction via GPIO (general purpose input / output) and serial ports; furthermore, multiple displays can be synchronized, for example to create video walls.

Complete interactivity, live video feeds and wider A/V options are provided by the HD810. In addition to the functions of the HD410, it also includes touch-screen interactivity, built-in support for USB devices such as mice, keyboards and speakers, and a component video output. Further A/V options are enabled through an optional expansion module and a live video feed can be supported with a simple USB adaptor.

The new BrightSign networked models HD210 and HD1010 allow content to be delivered remotely and provide a variety of remote management and reporting functions. Both models support the full range of BrightSign networking options, allowing customers to configure and manage digital signage networks using Roku’s software or scripting.

Options include BrightSign Network Manager – a secure Web-based application available free of charge to customers installing it on their own servers, with an all-in-one hosted service also available as an option through a low-cost subscription. A second networking option called BrightSign Simple Networking offers a simpler, less feature-rich solution, which is also free of charge.

The HD210 supports all the features of the HD110 and adds remote content updates, RSS feeds for news, weather and more, along with networking groups to target content updates and real-time reporting for ad playback confirmations. Security and reliability are boosted by BrightSign networking’s world class security, authentication, and redundancy and failsafe modes

The top of the range HD1010 models deliver the complete array of features of the BrightSign family. There are comprehensive and customizable interactive controls, fully-featured zones, synchronization and scheduling, along with support for the A/V expansion module. Networking provides for remote content delivery, and the BrightSign HD1010 additionally offers Wi-Fi networking capability and facilities for live video feeds.

Standard retail prices range from $698 for the HD110 to $1,439 for the HD1010.