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Battle OF DVRs: Bush Unveil Smart DVR $399

Battle OF DVRs: Bush Unveil Smart DVR $399Yesterday,  Panasonic launched its Digital Video Recorder Line up, today it’s Bush turn. 

View21 Smart Digital TV Recorder from Bush lets you do everything from watch YouTube, view photos and tweet – from  your TV.  

The smart, Wi-Fi -ready DVR has View21 Play app, which allows one program to be watched on a main TV while another live/recorded program can be streamed to  iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in another room.

Wi-Fi ready DVR’s are the most popular in Bush range, a rep told CN. 
View21 Photo app, shows photos on a big TV screen taken from an Apple device. You can also interact Twitter and YouTube – so if X Factor contestant is p***ing you off , you can complain via social networks, or see what’s trending during sports programs or reality TV via ‘ticker tape’. 
View21 is foolprooft, says its makers, with automatic setup, updates as well as auto retune, and navigate through EPG listings and recording library in just a few swipes. 
The Smart DVR comes in two models -500GB (BV21R050W) stores up to 125 hours in High Def programming (312 Standard Def) $399, or 1TB model (BV21R100W) store up to 250 hours in HD (624 SD), costs $499.