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World’s First Flying Bike Takes Off In Japan

Officially released in Japan, the world’s first flying bike is set to revolutionise transport, but at more than $840,000 you’ll want to fly past a bank or two.

Inspired by the Star Wars universe, the 12-foot-long (3.65m) XTURISMO “luxury air cruiser” was developed by aircraft company AERWINS.

Weighing in at 300kg, it draws power from two large central rotors running on a 170kW gas-fuelled Kawasaki motor. Extra power comes from an electric battery that runs four fans on the edges, providing stability.

Called, “A manifestation of the dream of air mobility,” it can hit speeds between 80.5km/h and 99.7km/h

“Bringing science fiction to life: Imagine a world where humans have free reign over the skies. Surely, life would be more free,” says the company.

“Expand your ideas about transport, experience the world like never before. Pioneer the next generation of transport. XTURISMO was created with this in mind. A new journey begins.”

Anyone who has seen Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi will probably say it looks like the speeder bikes the Galactic Empire used to chase Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, which pretty much everyone who saw the film in 1983 dreamed of getting.

That helps explain why AERWINS reps say they are “currently receiving orders and inquiries from all over the world”.

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