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Woke Woolies Shares Slide, Aboriginal Flag To Replace OZ Flag At Woolworths Offices

OPINION: Woke retail Woolworths and their Big W subsidiary are facing a backlash according to employees, over their business decision to stop selling Australia day Memorabilia, this is the same Company who backed the YES vote which was totally rejected by Australians. As a result their shares are falling wiping billions off the value of the Company.

According to Woolworths and Big W staff on the Gold Coast, who have been told not to comment “A lot of people are angry” at their move to support an alternative date than 26th of January for Australia day, with two Woolworths outlets in Queensland, vandalized.

It’s also been revealed in what appears to be a move to cut costs, that Woolworths have moved to using third party Companies such as Uber, who employ immigrants on visa’s to deliver goods, the only problem is that the drivers appear to have a problem reading English with instructions as to where goods should be left being ignored.

When one Brisbane family who found their goods left in the blazing sun called Woolworths to complain they were told to take it up with Uber with the support person claiming that “some of the drivers don’t speak English”.

This begs the question of how they read traffic signs with several drivers using foreign language mapping via their smartphones to find their way around.

“This is not the first time that we have found goods dumped right up against the front door under the hot sun when we have given instructions where to leave the order”.

“It’s as if Woolworths does not care, all they want to do is flick any complaints to Uber”.

Peter Dutton, the opposition leader called for a boycott of the retailer.
“Until we see common sense from Woolworths, people should take their business elsewhere,” he said, describing the company’s stance as “against the national interest”.

Woolworths has also been in the spotlight in recent weeks over allegations it was profiteering in an effort to take advantage of Inflation issues.

Australia’s inflation rose at an annual pace of 4.3 per cent in November and it appears that Woolworths is simply slapping on price rises with the support of their suppliers.

The Australia Day controversy comes after some of the country’s biggest businesses, including Woolworths, BHP and Qantas, got into bed with the YES vote agitators with several Companies now left with blooded YES marketing campaigns after splashing cash and funding on the push for a YES vote.

Woke managers at Woolworths who appear to be hell bent on destroying Australian heritage, tradition and what real Australians have worked hard for.

Now management are set to fly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at Woolworths support offices as a part of the company’s commitment to reconciliation.

The two-finger salute to tradition and the flying of Australia’s official flag appears to have been accepted by the board of the big retailer with some questioning “what next” “Aboriginal flags at checkouts”.

One Queensland Manager who does not support the Woolworths move said “Maybe we should just hand over management of Woolworths to a bunch of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, it would be a total disaster and most probably end up like a lot of their other projects, Government funded or broke”.

The supermarket chain is not only facing a backlash over their recent moves appear to want a culture war in Australia, woke reconciliation Vs traditional Australian traditions that made Australia Great.

The Australian recently reported that close to $2 billion has been wiped off the value of Woolies shares over the past week, which conservative commentators say is a direct result of negative consumer and investor sentiment.

During the past six months which was the time period that Woolworths revealed their support for the No vote and now the Australia day ban their shares have fallen over 6.5%.

In that same period JB Hi Fi who do not do retail politics have seen their shares climb 31%.

Former Liberal MP Craig Kelly, took to social media recently to declare: “GO WOKE, GO BROKE.”

“Since announcing their ban on selling Australia Day merchandise, Woolworths shares have crashed 4.47 per cent – that’s around $2 billion wiped of the value of the Woolworths shares,” Mr Kelly wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

The culture war is taking place as young woke management at the likes of Woolworths who also stand accused of price gouging, try to carve out a new future for Australia.

The only problem is that they don’t give a stuff about tradition or the fact that ‘More than 60% of Australians voted NO’ to a proposed new Australian law that would have resulted in the altering of the Constitution to recognize the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Peter Dutton is not alone in attacking a big retailer for their woke stance.

In the US political figures like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis who stood down today from running for President in the upcoming US election, attacking corporate leaders as woke ideologists and cultural Marxists.

It appears that several Companies in Australia are heading that way as a cost-of-living crisis takes shape.

Abas Mirzaei, a lecturer in marketing at Macquarie Business School, argued that Australian brands often take an ad hoc approach to implementing a “woke vision” and sometimes jump between different topics without a clear social agenda. “Companies in Australia do not have a good understanding of possible response scenarios to their woke moves,” he said.

The corporate campaigns may not even be successful, said Kos Samaras, director of strategy at polling company RedBridge Group. One of the lessons from the unsuccessful Voice referendum was that corporate support for the campaign did not appear help the cause, said Samaras.

“If you want the [Australia Day] date changed the last thing you want is companies like Woolworths getting involved,” Samaras told the Financial Times.

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