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Cygnett Launch “The Race” Wireless Charger & Mount

Cygnett has just released The Race, a smartphone charger and mount which eliminates the need for users to fiddle about with wire and their phone before driving and go wireless. It’s retailing at only $89.95 on Cygnett’s website and JB-HiFi.

The Race lets users experience the simplicity of wireless charging in the car, whilst your smartphone is securely mounted to the windscreen, perfect if using the phone for navigation purposes.

For optimum viewing, the mount provides 180° rotation and pivot motion, allowing users to position their device in either landscape mode, ideal for maps, or portrait mode, ideal for hands-free calls.

If your route brings you across a rough or bumpy terrain, the mount features a slide clamp to keep your device in place, so it can only be released by pressing the quick-release button.

The Race fits a wide range of smartphones and offers QI wireless fast charging tech for Samsung devices at a 10W max output and applicable iPhone handsets (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/Xs/XR/Xs Max devices) at a 7.5W max output.

The Race is attached to your windscreen via an adjustable device grip and suction cap and the charger is powered via the car’s cigarette lighter via the included QC3.0 power adaptor with detachable Micro-USB 1.5m length cable.

That cable may cause a bit of a hassle, but at least you just need to clip your phone into the mount, as you would probably do anyway for a regular charger, only this one boosts the phone’s battery.

The Race is available now from Cygnett’s website and JB Hi-Fi for $89.95.

UPDATE: Cygnett just released a version of The Race charger with a vent mount. Also available for $89.95. Find out more on Cygnett’s website.


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