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Windows Rolls Out Major AI Update & New Features

Microsoft released a new update to Windows 11 with the incorporation of Copilot, which acts as an AI assistant to complete various tasks. Changes have also been made to Teams, Paint, and the Snipping Tool, making the tools more intuitive.

The new update brings the operating system to version 23H2 and allows users to fully experience Copilot, which should be toggled on by default.

There is also a new Chat function on the free version of Microsoft Teams, which will be added to a user’s taskbar automatically.

The core of Microsoft’s communications is Teams, which offers text chats, calls, meetings, and community chats.

Additionally, users can try out a feature reminiscent of Skype, allowing sending and receiving SMS messages through Teams.

Teams also say it will be a breeze to find people you may know with the new “People” experience.

Locating system components should also be easier after the upgrade, with Microsoft having reorganized the Start menu.

One of the most significant modifications, however, is the incorporation of Microsoft’s Copilot, which is fully integrated into the OS and allows users to execute anything from writing a blog post to organizing files quickly, aided by the AI assistant. Experts say Copilot functions like Bing Chat for Windows.

Additional updates include incorporating AI into Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos, which allow users to do things like removing backgrounds and creating images from text prompts (aided by the DALL-E 3 model).

With Windows Backup, Microsoft makes it straightforward to upgrade to a new PC by letting users access their saved data from the cloud just by signing in with their Microsoft accounts. Microsoft also introduced Passkeys, a feature that could eventually eliminate passwords, instead asking you to grin at the screen to log in.

To get the update, you must be running on a previous Windows 11 22H2 update, and to ensure your PC has the latest version, head to Settings, then Windows Update, and turn on updating to the latest upgrades as soon as they’re available.


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