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Windows 10/11 Users Suffering ‘Update and Shut Down’ Issues

A feature on Windows that is common and overlooked, is now causing problems for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

Users are finding an unexpected issue with the ‘Update and Shut Down’ option, where instead of powering down after applying updates, it reboots and returns to the login.

A former Microsoft developer said one possible cause to this is the Fast Startup feature designed to accelerate boot times. During the process of shutting down, Fast Startup stores system data to a file, triggering a restart during the update installation.

It has also been noted that if a system hasn’t been updated for a while, or there is an incomplete previous update, Windows 10 & 11 may require a restart in order to finalise the installation.

This issue hasn’t been exclusive to Windows 10 & 11, as users of Windows 7 & 8 are experiencing similar problems. Microsoft haven’t confirmed any future fixes, improvements for this as of yet.

Currently, users are being advised to be cautious when using the function, and to consider manual restarts if the device requires a complete shutdown.

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