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Will Mini LED Shortage Take A Bite Out Of Apple’s New iPad Pro?

Apple’s new iPad Pro launch could be hampered by a lack of Mini LED panels for the displays.

The 2021 iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch model, which has yet to be officially revealed, is predicted to feature a Mini LED screen, instead of the OLED screens on both the current model and the 11-inch model slated to release alongside it.

However, as reported by Bloomberg, overseas Mini LED manufacturers are suffering from low manufacturing yields, with at least one needing to pause production entirely. This could result in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro being delayed and releasing in limited quantities, say Bloomberg sources.

Apple iPad Pro

Unlike OLED, which is a self-emissive technology – meaning each pixel produces its own light – Mini LED uses an LCD screen with thousands of tiny LEDs as backlighting, allowing for deeper blacks and richer contrast than normal LED displays.

The iPad Pro is tipped to be announced this year, with some outlets saying we could see the tablet revealed as soon as this month; Apple is said to be including a faster processor similar to the custom M1 chip in Mac computers.

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