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Will App Store Legislation Make Smartphones Less Safe?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has warned that antitrust legislation that will allow third-party developers to bypass its App store will lead to iPhones being less secure for users.

“Taking away a more secure option will leave users with less choice—not more,” Cook said during a speech yesterday, at the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ summit in Washington, D.C.

“And when companies decide to leave the App Store because they want to exploit user data, it could put significant pressure on people to engage with alternate app stores—app stores where their privacy and security may not be protected.”

Both the European Union and Congress are mulling whether to introduce legislation to undo the hold Apple has over its iPhone.

“Apple believes in competition,” Cook added, “but if we are forced to let unvetted apps on to iPhone, the unintended consequences will be profound – and when we see that, we feel an obligation to speak up and ask policy makers to work with us to advance goals that I truly believe we share, without undermining privacy in the process.”

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