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Why The New MacBook Air Is A ‘Dog’ Of A Machine

If you are thinking of buying an all-new MacBook Air with Apple’s latest M2 processor you may want to think again following an iFixit tear down that revealed why owners are having a major problem with heat dissipation and performance.

This was no half-baked tear down with iFixit reviewers completely disassembling a new M2 MacBook Air.

Even though the M2 MacBook Air houses the same M2 chip as the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro, the former doesn’t come with any fans or heat pipes and is heating up unlike the new generation Intel 12th gen notebooks running Windows.

The heating issues, coupled with throttling problems saw the device hitting extreme temperatures of 108 degrees Celsius when dealing with heavy workloads.

Where a lot of Windows based notebooks have multiple fans the new MacBook Air has none.

Things are so bad with this machine that iFixit didn’t even find a heat spreader during the teardown, and it’s still quite unclear as to how exactly the passive cooling system works on the new M2 MacBook Air.

When the test machine was undone reviewers found a lot of thermal paste and graphite tape.

According to Digital Trends when a different teardown was performed by MaxTech they claimed the SSD in the 256GB version of the M2 MacBook Air might experience an up to 50% drop-off in performance. T

his is because the 256GB version comes with a single NAND storage chip as opposed to two 128GB NAND chips, and although Apple claims this would be an improvement, the benchmark results say otherwise.

Another major problem that was discovered was the logic board, included the 64-bit, 8-core M2 chip, a Wi-Fi chip, a USI Bluetooth chip, and a custom Apple Thunderbolt 3 driver.

There’s also an accelerometer with no explanation as to why a MacBook Air might need one.

It could be used for spatial audio or for the purpose of running iPhone/iPad apps, but in any case, it’s a surprising choice said iFixit engineers.

This is notebook that Apple is claiming is “The best they have ever made” some people now think differently.

Apple shipped 7.2 million Macs in the first quarter of 2022, getting 8.9% of the market share.

A year ago, Apple shipped 6.9 million Macs, with an 8.1% market share. It’s a 4.3% growth YoY. Around the first quarter of 2021, Apple was unveiling its first desktop with the M1 chip, the 24-inch iMac. Now questions are being asked as to whether Apple will hold share due to problems with the MacBook Air.

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