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Why Didn’t Apple Identify That Their iPhone 15 Had A Serious Overheating Problem Before They Released It?

Serious questions are being asked as to why Apple was not able to identify, why their new iPhone 15 had serious overheating problems prior to being launched.

After releasing the device onto millions of their customers, Apple is now admitting that their latest iOS 17 software had a flaw resulting in the overheating of iPhones.

It appears that neither their testers, research and development teams or the engineersas well as their third party partner Foxconn  who assembled  the new iPhone, were able to replicate the problem, which Apple is now claiming is also caused by some third-party apps overloading the system.

This raises serious questions about the quality control being initiated by Apple as they had access to their own iOS 17 software weeks before the software and the new Apple iPhone was released on the general public.

Compounding the problem Apple also had intelligence via their app store data as to exactly what apps including Instagram, that their customers were most likely to load onto the new iPhone, that is heating up to over 100 degrees centigrade a temperature that will burn users.

At this stage all we know is that a fix is “Coming soon” according to an Apple spokesperson.

The company said the device can get warm in the first few days as the device works overtime to get set up and restore a user’s data, due to a bug in the latest iOS 17 software, and because of some third-party apps overloading the system. Bloomberg News reported on the issue last week.

“The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity,” Apple said in a statement.

“We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update.”

Several customers are taking their new iPhone 15 in particular the iPhone 15 Max Pro back for refunds.

Apple told Bloomberg it is working with developers behind the apps causing the iPhone to overheat.

A spokesman said that Instagram from Meta Platforms is one of the apps causing a problem.

This is despite Instagram not being a problem on the top end Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This is a widely used app which Apple engineers could have easily tested prior to locking up the final design claim insiders.

Apple claims that the iOS 17 bug will not reduce performance in order to address the iPhones over heating issue.

Apple has also that the warming phones is not related to the new titanium casing which is a metal that is set to be used in the new Samsung S23 Ultra smartphone.

It also dismissed speculation that the overheating problem was anything to do with the new USB-C port that allowed it to comply with a mandate issued by European regulators.

The latest high-end device includes a titanium frame, a first for the iPhone, as well as an A17 Pro chip with enhanced graphics component for improved gaming.

Some researchers said those hardware changes could have contributed to the issue.

Despite multiple reviewers able to record the heat at over 38 degrees Celsius Apple claims the issue is “not a safety problem”.

It did, however, say that the use of a large charging adapter — those that offer speeds above 20 watts — could cause iPhones to temporarily feel hotter than usual.

Apple didn’t say when the iOS 17 software update would be available or what consumers should do while they are developing a fix.

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