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Whirlpool Bucks Trends With New Aussie Call Centre

Whitegoods and appliances manufacturer, Whirlpool, has defied industry trends, by retreating from Manilla and bringing its customer service call centre back to Australia.

New call centre staff claim to be “fully trained” in all Whirlpool appliances, and will be situated near a local showroom to better assist with product queries.

It comes as Whirlpool continues to ramp up its Australian operations, including new infrastructure and process investments.

As previously reported, the brand has recently snared a place on Winning owned e-store Appliances Online.

Whirlpool’s call centre is now live and fully operational, located inside customer management centre, OneChat, in Victoria.

Previously based in Manila as part of Whirlpool’s regional call centre, the move claims to increase response times and improve customer service.

Whirlpool Oceania GM Marketing, Liam Bryers, claims the transition demonstrates its focus on the Australian market:.

“A customer’s experience extends long after the purchase has been made, so to build brand loyalty locally, we are also focused on how we service customers post-purchase as a critical indicator.”

Whirlpool’s call centre team will initially be tasked with improving the customer experience by 25% in first-call resolutions.

Asia Pacific VP OneChat, Graeme Sala, asserts Whirlpool’s desire to have Australian consumers interact with knowledgeable local staff was paramount.

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