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Which Is The Best Apple iPhone X, Or Samsung Note 8? We Now Have The Numbers

The big question being asked is whether the new Apple iPhone X is superior to the Samsung Note 8, the answer is no.

When Tim Cook introduced the new device, he failed to reveal any specs, now the details have been leaked and it appears that the Samsung Note 8 is superior on several fronts.

The details that were revealed in an electronic filing on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre (TENAA) web site reveal that the iPhone X will come with a 2,715mAh battery and 3GB of RAM. The Note 8 has a 3,300mAh battery.

When it comes to the display screen the iPhone x has a 2436 X 1125 OLED screen, the Note 8 is 2960 X 1440, both feature 5.8″ displays.

The new Apple battery is going to have to power Apple new Face ID a process that analysts claim could drain battery life quickly if having to be used constantly.

The battery which is an increase on the previous iPhone 7, is believed to be designed to power the new handset’s True Depth depth-sensing camera, which enables the new Face ID facial recognition system, and dual camera set up.

During the unveiling, earlier this month in California, Apple said the X’s battery life would last up to two hours longer than its previous models.

The TENAA document also seems to confirm the RAM capacity for the iPhone X as 3GB, slightly more than the iPhone 8’s reported 2GB.

The device’s A11 Bionic CPU chip is also clocked at 2.4GHz, according to reports in Apple Insider.

Renowned leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer shared the information with the tech community through a tweet posted at 8.12 am BST (3.12 am ET) this morning.

The Note 8 is selling in Australia for $1,499 the Apple iPhone X is set to cost $1,829.