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Tech Gone Wrong: CNN Reporter’s Live Cross Fail

Have you ever seen a TV reporter do a live cross with googly eyes? Or a wizards hat?

Thanks to Facebook’s face filters, CNN reporter Justin Hinton unknowingly reported on the snow conditions while an array of hilarious filters morphed onto his face.

Hinton set out to Madison County, located in North Carolina, to report on the snowfall and how it was impacting roads and traffic.

(Photo: CNN Live)

But as he started broadcasting his live report on the station’s Facebook page, a wizard’s hat, cat whiskers, space helmet and even googly eyes stole the show.

As a true professional, Hinton continued his report seemingly unphased by the filters. But as time went on, the face filters became more obscene.

Among other filters was a purple mustache and fake giant dumbbells, with artificial arms carrying out a workout. Hilton apparently had no idea, instead claiming to have accidentally turned on the app’s face filters just moments before going live.

‘The (photographer) I was working with said something about the screen having weird faces,’ Hinton wrote in a Facebook post. ‘He didn’t elaborate, so I said it would probably go away. Needless to say, it did not go away.’

(Photo: CNN Live)

And viewers are delighted in the hilarious mistake.

‘These filters are cracking me up,’ one person commented. ‘I would watch the weather more!’ another commented.

It was only when he saw the comments that Hinton realised his unexpected report filters.

‘My bosses, coworkers, friends PIOs and more called/texted saying how funny it was,’ he added.

‘If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point of laughter?’ Hinton said in his Facebook post. ‘I hope you enjoyed the snow day, and remember to smile and laugh!’


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