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What Is Samsung Australia Hiding When It Comes To Smartphone Sales?

Samsung Australia appears unwilling to say how many Galaxy S20 or S21 smartphones have been sold locally, or the difference in sales of the S20 Vs the S21, despite its parent company openly revealing how many units have been sold locally in South Korea.

In Australia, Samsung management is well known for its song and dance acts over the launch of a new device.

The brand recently put on a big act for its S21 and more recently its new A52 and A57, but do not dare to ask a question about market share, units sold or the success or failure of a product in the market based on actual numbers.

“We will come back to you” is Samsung Australia’s usual line.

I am still waiting several months later for answers to my questions about the success of the S20, which was quickly replaced by the S21 after only a few months.

In South Korea, the home of Samsung’s global operations, it’s a totally different story.

Apparently the Galaxy S21 surpassed one million units last week, having been on sale for 57 days.

This was one month faster than its predecessor, the S20, but slower than the S10.

Samsung even revealed that the pace of S21 sales was slower than the S10, which topped the one-million mark in 47 days during 2019.

Gary McGregor, Vice President Of Mobile Communications, Samsung Australia (right) .


As for shipped units versus sell-through, or a breakdown of one model versus another in their range, that’s another no-go area.

Samsung has in the past introduced new Galaxy S devices in mid-February each year, but this year the company released the S21 in January with lower pricing.

The entry model of the S21 was priced at $1,249, which is far cheaper than the low-end variant of the previous S20.

Maybe we should start talking to Border Force (the old customs), who tracks shipments of goods into Australia by brand and model.

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