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What Happens When You Break The Apple Spell

Intel has recently released a cheeky new marketing video highlighting a range of new laptops that can give Apple a run for its money. 

The video titled “Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment” starts with the semiconductor chip maker interviewing several staunch Apple users by asking them if they were a big Apple fan.

Almost all interviewees nod in agreement before the semiconductor chip manufacturer releases a number of new features from its latest laptop range – surprising them all.

The video then ends with Intel showing the Apple users that its range of laptops were not only far more superior than Apple’s but was also available for purchase – surprising them even more.

Once revered business partners, Intel and Apple recently parted ways after the latter dropped the company as its preferred semiconductor maker in favour of its own self-made chips – the Apple M1. 

Today, Apple range of products such as the iMacMac Mini, and MacBooks no longer run with Intel’s processors turning both companies into business rivals.  


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