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Was CES 2020 A Super Spreader For COVID-19 After Tens Of Thousands Of Chinese Poured Into The US Event From Wuhan & Hubei Provence.

One third of CES the world’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is Chinese exhibitors and at the 2020 show. tens of thousands of Chinese visitors poured into the event which is now being investigated as a hot spot that helped propel COVID-19 in the USA and outside the USA.

While the show was held between the 6th and 9th of January thousands of Chinese Company officials arrived before that date and up to 10 days after that date packing up stands.

The Chinese Government who were funding several stands have since confirmed that he first case of someone suffering from Covid-19 can be traced back to 17 November and was in a Chinese technology hot spot.

A report, in the South China Morning Post, said Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people who contracted the virus last year and who came under medical surveillance, on the 17 November – weeks before authorities announced the emergence of the new virus.

Chinese brand Hisense who manufacture goods in factories around Wuhan had thousands of employees at CES 2020.

At CES 2020 there would have been thousands of attendees from the city of Wuhan in China and Hubei Province, of which Wuhan is the capital.

This area alone accounts for a little over 4% of China’s economy, the world’s second largest after the U.S and is a major manufacturing location for consumer electronic goods parts and appliances.

Technology industry executive Randy Zimmer contacted ChannelNews claiming he attended CES 2020 show with his son.

We went to many booth that were Chinese companies, “I now suspect that I contracted the virus because my Son, Wife and I all got extremely sick. I ended up going to the doctor, got two shots, and some antibiotics. It took me over 3 weeks to feel like I could do anything. We are now waiting for the reliable antibody test to confirm my suspicions of getting Covid-19 at CES 2020”.

Michael Webber, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin who also works for a global energy firm based in France.

Weber fell ill with severe flu-like symptoms shortly after attending this year’s show, the results of a test revealed Webber has antibodies for the novel coronavirus COVID-19, indicating that he had the disease before making a full recovery.

Webber told APM Reports that the flu-like symptoms were the worst he had ever felt for such a condition.

He claimed that as he arrived at Las Vegas airport at the end of the event, many people there appeared to be the worse for wear, something he originally put down to “hard partying,” though now he now thinks differently.

Initially the Chinese Communist Government claimed the first case of COVID-19 was recorded there on December 8, now it’s been revealed that they knew of hundreds of cases in November 2019 but despite this they allowed people to travel to the USA from the COVID-19 hot spot.

Thousands of Australian in the consumer electronics, appliances, and technology industries along with Government officials attend this show. 2020 was my 25th year attending CES and Comdex.

CES Executives said that “The health, safety and security of CES attendees are a top priority, and we take precautions every year to protect our participants. We are not aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 connected to CES 2020.

ChannelNews can reveal that during the show there was was a flu like illness going around and that on a lot of stands people were coughing as some who claimed that they claiming were unwell.

Many put it down to the US winter and then moving into a warmer Las Vegas.Others put it down to travel, jet lag and having to worl long hours.

It now appears that no one including organisers made the connection because they were unaware of COVID-19 and the problems in China.

Since the show all major trade shows in the world have been shut down including Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, IFA in Berlin, and appliance trade show EuroCucina 2020 in Milan.

What has been revealed since CES 2020 is that that the virus was causing deaths in the U.S. weeks before CES and no one realized what was the cause of the deaths.

Health officials this week reported that two COVID-19 fatalities — a woman named Patricia Dowd in her 50s on February 6 and a man in his 60s on February 17 — occurred in Santa Clara, California, in early February. Santa Clara is in Silicon Valley, America’s main tech hub, and many from there will have attended the tech show.

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